India, Russia to sign multi-billion dollar ‘Triumf’ air defence missile systems deal

Photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin along with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

Moscow: The Indian Prime Minister of Narendra Modi and President of Russia Vladimir Putin will sign a multi-billion dollar deal of S-400 ‘Triumf’ long-range air defence missile systems on Saturday following their talks in Goa.

According to Russian state media reports, Russia and India will sign a multi-billion dollar deal for S-400 ‘Triumf’ long-range air defence missile systems on Saturday.

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The Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov was quoted saying to news agency, “Following the results of the negotiations between our president and (Indian Prime Minister Narendra) Modi, an agreement will be signed on the delivery of S-400 Triumf anti aircraft missile systems to India, as well as some other documents.”

India is interested in getting five systems of the most modern air defence system, capable of firing three types of missiles, creating a layered defence, and simultaneously engaging 36 targets.

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It has the capability to destroy incoming hostile aircraft, missiles and even drones at ranges of up to 400 km.

If India signs the deal, it would be the second customer of the prized missile system after China which had struck a USD 3 billion contract last year. The S-400, an upgraded version of the S-300, had previously only been available to the Russian defence forces.

It is manufactured by Almaz-Antey and has been in service in Russia since 2007. Ushakov said part of the documents will be signed behind closed doors.

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The Kremlin aide declined to comment on the details of the deal, suggesting that first the document should be signed.

Russia also plans to sign an agreement on building Project 11356 frigates for the Indian Navy and setting up a Russian- Indian joint venture to produce Kamov Ka-226T helicopters, the agency reported.


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