India successfully test fires INSAT-3DR weather satellite

Photo of India's advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR.

Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh): India today successfully launched INSAT-3DR advanced weather satellite in a copy book style by using its heavy geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle (GSLV-F05) rocket.

The satellite was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Center at 4:50 pm, around 17 minutes after getting lift off the GSLV rocket throws the 2,211 kg satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO), the satellite guided to its final geostationary orbit.

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The launch was delayed by 40 minutes as the fueling of the third stage of the rocket took longer than expected.

With the launch of INSAT-3DR, the Indian space agency has successfully launched three satellites weighing over two tonnes of the six satellites weighing over two tonnes it had flown in a GSLV rocket.

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The successful flight of the GSLV rocket on Thursday gives the Indian space programme a much-needed boost as getting the third stage cryogenic engine right is important for its future space programmes as well as for commercial launches.