India will completely seal international border with Pakistan by 2018

Photo of India's Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said that India has decided that it is going to seal border along with Pakistan completely by the end of December 2018.

The Home Minister briefed the reporters after taking review of the situation on the border in the wake of growing tension between the two countries.

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Rajnath said that the plan to seal the border will be implemented within the said time frame.

He said, “The Home Minister has set up a target of fully sealing the Indo-Pakistan border by the December 2018 and to achieve this target, the action plan prepared is full time bound and the implementation will be fully monitored periodically, monthly and quarterly.”

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He said monitoring will be done at the level of Home Ministry as also at the level of state governments and the Border Security Force (BSF).

Singh said while adding that technological help will be taken to seal off the riverine sections of the border, “We have given special emphasis on monitoring, because by December 2018, we want to achieve the target of fully sealing the Indo-Pakistan border.”

Rajnath said a new concept, “Border Security Grid”, would be put in place and the border states have given their suggestions on it.

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