Indian army taking nothing for granted

NEW DELHI: The Indian army is getting ready for more “shallow intrusions” or “needling probes” from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) along the LAC.

This has come after a border personnel meeting (BPM) in Ladakh yesterday to to calm down tempers.

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However, it is for sure that PLA is not going to try anything near the already restive Sikkim-Bhutan-Sikkim tri-junction because of the better positioning of Indian troops.

The Indian defence establishment firmly believes that China is not going to opt for a full-fledged war despite its major build-up of troops.

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The good news is that communication channels are also being kept open, with some sweeteners thrown in for good measure.

Theoretically speaking, Indian troops till some years ago were at a huge disadvantage in the Pangong Lake. But after the Indian troops included 17 new high-speed interceptor boats, experts are of the opinion that they have been implementing strong reconnaissance and area domination patrols in the region over the last three years or so.

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