Indian Railway increases number of RAC seats in majority of trains

Photo of Indian Railways train.

New Delhi: Indian Railways has announced a good news for its passengers as it has increased the number of berths that fall in the Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) in majority of trains throughout the country.

Now according to Indian Railways, they will be providing four extra RAC seats in sleeper class, additional four RAC seats in 3-AC, three more RAC seats in 2nd-AC, so on this basic there will be 28 RAC seats in sleeper class, 16-RAC seats in 3rd AC and 12-RAC seats in 2nd-RAC.

With this there is a small increase in the number of people who can travel with RAC tickets in trains and on other hand there is 10 percent cut in Tatkal quota of Shatabdi, Duronto and Rajdhani.

According to an official statement from the Railway Ministry, “The move will help in allowing more persons to travel in the train.”

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As per the statement said, the number of RAC seats in sleeper classes-usually side lower berths-had been increased from five to seven in the sleeper class, from two to four in 3 AC and from two to three in 2 AC. Since each RAC berth accommodates two people, now 14 people can travel with RAC tickets in sleeper class, eight people in 3 AC and 6 people in 2 AC.

Indian Railways added in the statement: “The enhanced RAC accommodation will be available in trains in which booking will be opened from January 16, 2017.”

However, Reduction in Tatkal quota-whose bookings “open at 10 am for AC classes and 11 am for non-AC classes one day in advance of actual date of journey excluding date of journey”-have been reduced for all Duronto, shatabdi and Rajdhani trains, with effect from Tuesday, December 20, for six months.

According to a second Railway Ministry statement: “…The Tatkal quota should be reduced to 10 percent of the total class-wise accommodation. Thereafter, fortnightly review of utilisation of Tatkal quota will be undertaken by CCMs of Zonal Railways and based on its utilisation, Tatkal quota may be increased up to a maximum of 30 percent of total class-wise accommodation in the train.”

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