Indian Railways to provide space for ATMs at platforms

Photo of Indian Railways platform at stations.

New Delhi: Indian Railways has decided to approach big companies for generating revenue through providing space in trains, level crossing and areas near to railway tracks beside offering major platforms for installing over 2000 ATMs on platforms.

In a first of its kind step, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will launch non-fare revenue generation policy that will include offering various schemes like train branding, rail radio schemes and the mega offer of setting up near about 2000 ATMs at platforms throughtout the country at major stations by early next week.

A senior Railways Ministry official said, “Currently Railways earns less than 5 percent of its revenue through non-tariff sources. Our aim is to raise it substantially through concrete offers.”

He said, the ATMs will be setup at the end of the platforms or at the prominent spaces in the circulating area of the stations, he added that stations will be offered via transparent e-auction process for a long term of 10 years on contract basis.

The officials said, this policy will offer out-of-home advertising policy and allow monetisation of railway assets by means of advertising.

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