India’s entry in NSG will break Indo-Pak relations

Beijing: A Chinese official media today has said that if India got entry into the elite group of nuclear Suppliers then ‘nuclear balance’ between India and Pakistan would be broken.

China acknowledges that growing relationship between India and United States is going to convert into deal of India’s membership of the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG).

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Research fellow with the state run Think Tank China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations writer Fu Xiaoqiang has mentioned in his article that India’s entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) will “shake strategic balance in South Asia and even cast a cloud over peace and stability in the entire Asia-Pacific region”, an article in the state-run ‘Global Times’ however said China could support India’s inclusion in the 48 member nuclear club if it “played by rules”.

Xiaoqiang further added: “New Delhi seems to have inched closer to NSG membership after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gained backing from the US, Swiss and Mexico in its bid to join the elite nuclear club earlier this month,” the article said mentioning for the first time India’s progress in getting support from Mexico and Switzerland.

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“Becoming a member of the NSG, a bloc that governs civilian nuclear trade worldwide, will grant India global acceptance as a legitimate nuclear power,” said the article titled “Beijing could support India’s NSG accession path if it plays by rules”.


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