Infant denied treatment over bribe by hospital staff, dies in Bahraich

Bahraich: In a shameful incident, an infant died in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district after the hospital authorities demanded bribe from the child’s parents instead of giving treatment to the baby. However, the hospital has denied as such allegations made by the parents of the deceased.

As per reports, the incident took place on Sunday when the parents of the deceased, Sumita and Shiv Dutt had brought their son Krishna to the children’s ward at a government hospital in Bahraich. The baby was down his high fever and weakness.

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Sumita in her statement to the police said that on Tuesday morning a compounder came and asked for a bribe to get an important injection for her child.

Sumita said, “I asked him to give me some time, promising to give him whatever amount he asked for.” Reports are that the compounder did get an injection, however till then, the child had passed.

Shiv Dutt who comes from a small village in Bahraich district said, “Every staff member wants a bribe. The doctors don’t ask because they have fledging private practice. I think you should rather sell your land and go to a private hospital.”

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Assuring an internal enquiry in the matter, doctor in-charge at the Bahraich district hospital, OP Pandey said, “We have removed the sweeper and transferred the nurse and an inquiry is underway.”