Interesting Battle Between Facebook And Donald Trump

New York: Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg reacted to accusations from President Donald Trump that the social network has always been “anti-Trump,”.

It is worthwhile mentioning that Trump said yesterday that Faciebook and news media – including The Washington Post – had always been opposed to him. Zuckerberg said that the fact that Facebook fields criticism from Trump as well as liberals shows it’s a “a platform for all ideas.”

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Lots of people raised concerns with Facebook about the impact that its platform played in spreading false information.

Now, Zuckerberg said, he wishes he’d responded differently. “After the election, I made a comment that I thought the idea misinformation on Facebook changed the outcome of the election was a crazy idea,” Zuckerberg said, referencing a previous denial that Facebook could have influence voters. “Calling that crazy was dismissive and I regret it. This is too important an issue to be dismissive.”

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The much talked about debate over how much influence false information on Facebook’s network had over the election continues. Facebook last week turned over thousands of politically themed advertisements to Congress. “Facebook’s mission is all about giving people a voice and bringing people closer together. Those are deeply democratic values, and we’re proud of them,” he said. “I don’t want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. That’s not what we stand for.”


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