Iqbal Kaskar revelations are shocking!

Since his arrest, brother of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, Iqbal Kaskar has been in police custody and has been interrogated several times. In a revelation made by him he claimed that he has not been in touch with his escapee, underworld don brother Dawood Ibrahim since 2003.

On the other hand he gave information that his family did meet Dawood’s wife Mehjabeen Shaikh in Dubai in the year 2016. Kaskar was arrested by the Thane police in an extortion case.

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“During the interrogation, he allegedly confirmed that he spoke on the phone with Mehjabeen Shaikh alias Zubeena Zareen, Dawood’s wife. He said he had called his family and since Mehjabeen was with them, they were able to talk. He did not reveal what their conversation was about or speak about any link to Dawood or his wife’s involvement. He claimed she came from Karachi to Dubai to meet his family. The part about Mehjabeen is being cross-verified,” said an official from Thane police.

Kaskar, who was previously not cooperating, has started speaking now. “He has begun revealing some details, on the basis of which we are positively proceeding in the investigation,” said Abhishek Trimukhe, DCP, Thane crime branch.

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“Upon checking Kaskar’s mobile phone, we found some 6-digit number to which we suspect several VOIP calls were made, which are not traceable. We are checking the authenticity of the number and also seeing who made the call and from which country,” he added.