Ira Dubey wants to explore more in Hollywood

Mumbai: Delhi born Indian actress Ira Dubey, who was seen in the movie “M Cream”, says she wants to work in more Hollywood films to explore her talent and is waiting for right projects.

Ira, who has acted in Bollywood movies like “Aisha” and “Aisa Yeh Jahaan”, said that Hindi films should focus on script writing.

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Miss Ira told media persons, “I really want to go to Hollywood. I am waiting for the right projects and I am in talks with few people.”

This 31-years-old actress added, “Something is wrong with our writing and we need to focus on our writing. There should be no limitations to our imagination.”

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Ira further said, “I think we have to stop imitating the west, we have to stop stealing ideas from West and become more original. We have a lot of talent in this country and we have to focus on our writing.”


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