Is there a new bond between Hrithik and Jacqueline? Here’s the answer

Mumbai: Are you not suspicious about the statement? Every now and then there is news in the media of Hrithik and Jacqueline coming up together into a new relation. But unfortunately we need to break the rumour down before your mind starts getting doubtful about the quotient.

Both the actors have come together in a brand campaign video by Diya Mirza’s husband, Sahil Sangha. On the other hand Jacky and Hrithik did share their views but the campaign video was rather a mystery for the public.

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However, a report has shot down all the rumours and made an official announcement that the duo is together only to do business and no fun. The video is a blend of love, dance, fun and yes some bit of action as well.

When Sahil was asked about it, he stated: “When I narrated the concept to Hrithik, he immediately agreed to be a part of it.” Hrithik and Jacqueline were on a two day shoot that occurred in Mehboobn studio. Anyways, now we know that both the actors are on work mode and they are busy shooting around for their brand campaign video.

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