IS to carry more attacks in Spain

Madrid: The Islamic State (IS) has given threat alerts to Spain and said that they will be carrying out more attacks if the country does not withdraw from an international coalition battling the terror group in the Middle East.

The extremists made the announcement in a video entitled “The Conquest of Barcelona” released yesterday. It featured two men speaking in Spanish.” Out of the two seen in the video one appeared in military uniform with his face visible while the other wore a ski-mask.

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The recording, which is nearly three minutes long, comprises of a number of images of Spain’s King Felipe VI and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy taking part in a ceremony to honour the victims of last week’s attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils.

Earlier, as many as fifteen people were killed and more than 100 others wounded when terrorists used vehicles to run down pedestrians in the two separate attacks. Against a backdrop of television footage of the aftermath of the Barcelona tragedy, the men praise the “brothers” who carried out the attack.

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“Spaniards, you forget the Muslim blood spilled in the Spanish Inquisition. We will avenge the massacre…that is being committed now against the IS,” one of the speakers says.

“With God’s permission, Al Andalus (the Arabic name for Spain) will become again what it was, the territory of the caliphate.” Addressing Muslims in the West, the speaker says: “If you can’t emigrate to the IS, make jihad where you are.”

An off-screen voice speaking in Arabic says that unless Spain abandons the US-led coalition against the IS, “we will never leave you in peace”. This terror warning from IS comes as a shock for the neighboring countries as well as they have been recently seeing these kind of terror attacks conducted by IS and are now in a state of worry after this threat alert that has been issued for Spain.

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