Is your Aadhaar data fully safe? Here’s the answer!

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has denied any breach or leak of Aadhaar data after a newspaper reported it bought unrestricted access to the information of more than one billion Aadhaar numbers for a mere amount of Rs 500.

“The Aadhaar data, including biometric information, is fully safe and secure,” the authority said in a statement, calling the report in The Tribune “a case of misreporting”. “UIDAI assures that there has not been any Aadhaar data breach,” the statement said, adding that the data was secure with a “robust uncompromised security”.

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The authority said it had given search facility for the purpose of grievance redressal to designated personnel and state government officials to help residents only by entering their 12-digit Aadhaar numbers.

The grievance redressal search facility, the statement said, “gives only limited access to name and other details and has no access to biometric details”. It said the authority maintains complete log and traceability of its search facility and any misuse was traceable.

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“The reported case appears to be instance of misuse of the grievance redressal search facility. As UIDAI maintains complete log and traceability of the facility, the legal action including lodging of FIR against the persons involved in the instant case is being done.”