It Is Not a Myth! Ganga does have Antiseptic Properties

Photo of a holy river Ganga.

Chandigarh: More than 120 million people visit for ‘Ganga Sanaan,’ in 2013 Maha Kumbh Mela on February 10, 2013.

The Scientists from the Chandigarh Institute of Microbial Technology (Imtech) found, new type of viruses and 20 to 25 types of bacteriophages in the Ganga which can fight microorganisms that cause diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, cholera and urinary tract infections, among others.
Want to know how?

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These bacteriophages can mimic bacteria in the river sediments and also eat them up. For the first time scientists gave the evidence and a scientific reason that why Ganga water cannot be purify easily.

Scientists from all over the World, was baffling from so many years because of the antiseptic properties of Ganga water, until Imtech (one of the laboratories of CSIR) experts found new viruses.

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A British physician E Hanbury Hankin, did an experiment in 1896, in which he found out that the cholera microbes ( causes cholera disease) were dead in Ganga water within 3 hours, where on the other side, these same microbes remain alive in distilled water after 48 hours also.

The team has also collected samples from the extremely polluted stretch of Haridwar and Varanasi. It is also a part of the project under National Environment Engineering Research Institute co-ordinating lab, National Botanical Research Institute, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research and Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.

In India, taking bath in this holy river ‘Ganga’ is one of the biggest religious faiths among us. But there are so many people who come out of different countries all around the world for taking bath in Ganga.

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Ganga is believed to be a holy river which can remove all the bad karmas (work) we did in our life and also purify our sin and open our way to ‘swarg’ (heaven) after death.

(Note: Story by Ishita Chauhan)


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