It’s time to wake up Mr Narendra Modi and BJP

Agra: With almost four years since Narendra Modi become PM, looks like all is not well in the country despite the rosy picture BJP is desperately trying to paint.

The economic policies are now being opposed even inside BJP and RSS.

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A senior RSS volunteer of Agra is of the opinion that at this juncture the situation looks dicey and 2019 Lok Sabha elections could prove to be a challenge for Modi and he could face the consequences of his overconfidence just like Atal Bihari Vajpayee did for his ‘India Shining’ campaign.

It remains to be seen what strategy the senior BJP leaders are preparing to counter such a possibility.

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A senior BJP leader disclosed that as ground level party functionaries, they have to face the ire of people every day over rising prices of petrol, diesel and gas, plummeting industrial production.

What PM Modi are claiming about the rise of Indian economy post demonetisation, does not appear to be happening on the ground level. He said that PM and FM do not have to interact with the people so they can say whatever they want, but party workers need to support their argument with facts.

Social activist Vishal Sharma said that the tri-state elections that are to be held soon, and they will be a major test for BJP before it goes into polls in 2019.

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