Kamal Haasan heading for a political punch?

Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan has been involved in political matters in the recent few months’ and the current state of politics in Tamil Nadu. And while news of his plans of launching party doing rounds on social media, he today went on to say that say he would be willing to join hands with superstar Rajinikanth keeping in mind the fact that Rajnikanth takes the political plunge.

Haasan said: “Rajini and I have been discussing professional matters. If he joins politics, it won’t be difficult for us to discuss politics. I will join him provided he enters politics. We have been rivals on the professional front, but we always consult over key issues.”

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This is seen as a clear indication that the veteran actor is looking forward to get political involvement sooner or later. He further said that, “It should be decided without any hurry” on asked about if he has made his mind about the date to lunch his party.

He further mentioned that the day he plans to announce his party, it may “coincide with a revolution”. The news has been doing rounds since Haasan has been very much active about the current state of politics in Tamil Nadu.

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The superstar has been hinting about taking the political plunge and if he and Rajnikanth take the same route then it will be a very interesting new phase of politics in Tamil Nadu.

Previously this month, Haasan was seen discussing with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and had briefed media that they had also talked about the state of politics in Tamil Nadu. While he was questioned about his plans for any political affiliation, Kamal Haasan also made it clear that his colour is for sure not saffron.

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