Kamal Haasan on Jallikattu: You’re not qualified to tackle our bulls

Tamil Nadu: Kollywood legend Kamal Haasan today said that animal’s rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) should ban bull-riding in United States instead of trying to ban jallikattu. The veteran actor also made a sarcastic comment and said that our bulls are tuff enough to tackle.

He took to Twitter and wrote, “You’re not qualified to tackle our bulls. Empires have been made to quit India.” The actor’s remarks came a day after the Tamil Nadu government disseminated the law to allow the controversial bull-taming sport jallikattu which was earlier banned in 2014.

It’s a demand that has been made both during on-the-ground protests and on social media – where some have alleged that organisations that are supposedly against jallikattu are actually part of an international corporate conspiracy to wipe out Tamil Nadu’s native bulls.

On this, the HR Hotel Director Gurusamy Sundaravel went on to say that: “Multinational companies have created a huge water scarcity and health issues among the citizens. To show our solidarity to the farmers and as well for the youngsters we wanted to ban it.”

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