Kamal Hassan bats for organic farming

Chennai: Kamal Hassan knows the significance of organic farming. According to the versatile actor, food should be produced with the help of this mode of farming.

Hassan added that there was a fundamental logic regarding genetically modified crops which people tend to forget very easily.

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Describing the whole methodology, actor said that we modify the corn crop to kill the insect which feeds on it for nutrients. How long would that toxic substance take to kill us? If we try to speed up nature’s work, we’ll only be behaving foolishly”, Hassan claimed.

Criticizing science and religion, he said that those who believe in God and religion say that it took thousands of years to create this and scientists are tampering it at will.

Kamal Hassan said that he stopped consuming mangoes and certain fruits as he is aware of the fact how they were made.

Condemning merchants who employ illegal routines to produce food in huge quantities, to ripen it or to extend the food substances’ shelf life.