Kapil Mishra accuses Kejriwal of being least working person

kapil mishra
Sacked AAP Minister Kapil Mishra exposes Kejriwal on TV

New Delhi: Sacked AAP Minister Kapil Mishra today again made headlines as he alleged that the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal went for a movie despite of the fact that there is corruption been done under his nose.

Kapil Mishra stated in a blog post: “His relatives are being raided, corruption cases are surfacing every day, but the Chief Minister, completely cut off from the public, came out of his home after days only to watch Sarkar 3… These are Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne (pipe-dreams). When did Arvind Kejriwal last go to his office? When did he climb the secretariat stairs? The people of Delhi probably have no idea that their CM has gone to office barely two days in the past year.”

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In the long post, Mr Mishra also described Mr Kejriwal as the Chief Minister who has no portfolio, who “works the least and takes most holidays” and “is on his way to becoming most corrupt”.

Mr Mishra was suspended from the party last week, after he went public with allegations of corruption against Mr Kejriwal and claimed he had seen him receiving Rs. 2 crore from another minister. He also alleged that the Chief Minister’s brother-in-law had scored illegal land deals.

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