Kapil Srivastava launches his new song ‘Tere Mere Honton Pe’

Photo of the India's top guitarist Kapil Srivastava.

New Delhi: India’s top guitarist Kapil Srivastava is doing every possible thing to portray India’s harmony in mixture with the help of his excellent guitar skills.

Kapil and his team travelled from to Delhi to Dharamshala to shoot his new song ‘Tere Mere Honton Pe’ under Amazing India Project of 300 destinations. The song is one of his best improvisation and which he re-arranged, re-recorded in his own Guitaristic instrumental style especially for this moment.

While talking to the media about his new song, Kapil went on to say: “The reason I choose this song to shoot at Espresso Bar is because Tere Mere Hothon Pe always gives me two feelings i.e. (1) Nostalgic and (2) Nature Blessing on us (Hills, Waterfall, Solitude) and Espresso bar justifies both in the best manner.”

This is going to one of the best academic melodies for all guitar levels, taken from 80’s era and that is why the viewers will witness the audio cassette introduction referring to the Golden Times.

Kapil is also conducting Bollywood Music Guitar Concert Workshop for Professional and Intermediate Guitarists to make them knowledgeable in giving concerts and shape their career & financial growth in the best possible way.

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