Why Kelly Clarkson calls her daughter ‘a terrorist’?

Los Angeles: Kelly Clarkson today called her daughter a ‘terrorist’ as she finds it difficult to look after two-year-old daughter River.

Statement from singer came while she was attending an event on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Kelly in an interview with US based magazine referring to her daughter said: “She’s a terrorist. She can be the most lovable human and then just mean”.

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Singer denied any plans for having more children and talking about her relationship with husband Brandon Blackstock she told: “We have four because I married into two,” Clarkson said of her relationship with husband Brandon Blackstock, who has two children — Savannah and Seth — from a previous marriage.

She further adding on about her personal life said “So we have (a) 15-year-old, 9-year-old, 2-year-old and (a) 5-month-old. I already have days where I, like, cry, so we don’t need any more kids. It’s a lot”.

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By-Ila Kazmi