Kiran Bedi surprise inspection Bollywood style

Puducherry: LG Kiran Bedi roll back, acting as a cop by riding pillion with her staff, inspecting Puducherry streets.

Bedi was personally checking the steps that are being taken for safety of women.

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As you can see in the image itself, Kiran Bedi head covered with a scarf, she rode by the city’s Anna Salai and New Bus Stand without being noticed.

Kiran Bedi is known to cycle at weekends to become acquainted with issues, mostly civic in nature.

“The night round was done incognito, as a pillion rider, to personally check how secure it was for women at night to be on the road. It seemed safe. But there was not a single cop anywhere spotted, unless they too were in disguise,” pointed out Kiran Bedi.

She added the tour indicated the requirement for ensuring mobile police presence as a strong measure of crime prevention.

“There is nothing wrong in an administrator taking a proactive role. It will certainly put the cops on their toes. After all, women’s safety is of paramount importance,” pointed out Onirban Dutta, a medical practitioner residing at Vaithikuppam.