Kriti Sanon wishes to keep her personal life private

Kriti Sanon
Photo of Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon.

New Delhi: Actress Kriti Sanon today said that at a time when Bollywood celebrities are gradually opening up about their personal issues and relationships, she believes in sharing few aspects of her personal life in public and keeping some in private as well.

Talking to media she stated: “There is a part of my life that I share with my fans. I am pretty active on social media… So yes, there are little things which I do share with my fans; but I do believe that there is a part of my life which is private and (which I would) like to keep private. I want that small space for myself and for the people who are really close to me.”

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The 26-year-old actress, whose latest release is “Raabta”, says she doesn’t find the “need to share everything” with everyone.

“I don’t want the focus to go away from my work. I’d rather want you to talk about my work than what’s happening in my personal life,” she added.

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