Lata Mangeshkar says something about Mohammed Rafi’s life!

Mumbai: Melody queen Lata Mangeshkar recalled all the great times of singing companionship with legendary singer Mohammed Rafi and went on to say that music was his life.

“Rafi Saab was very close to my brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar. In fact, when brother was still a child he sang a duet with Rafi Saab in Baiju Bawra. The great composer Naushad invited my brother for the duet Sacho tero naam,” she recalled.

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Hriday sang for Baiju when he was still a child. “In fact, in Baiju Bawra I got to sing with my brother for the first time. Hriday sang for Baiju the child and I sang for his beloved when she was a child. In Baiju Bawra, Rafi Saab sang with such power. His power and glory were in full force here,” she said.

“People said that my duets with Rafi Saab were better than my duets with any other male singer. Though I enjoyed my duets with Mukesh Bhaiyya and Kishoreda, I have to agree Rafi Saab had a fabulous range and a staggering control over the seven notes. Our duets were considered really special by music lovers,” she added.

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Recalling some of their work together, she said: “Offhand I can recall ‘Paon choo lene do’ (Taj Mahal), ‘Woh jab yaad aaye’ (Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere), ‘Ek shahenshah ne banwa ke haseen Taj Mahal’ (Leader) and ‘Kitna pyara wada hai’ (Caravan).