Learning more foreign languages boost up brain capacity: Study

Photo of human brain.

New Delhi: Recent study revealed that knowing more foreign language may boost up your brain capacity and sharp up your mind by increasing ability to code information.

The study suggests that learning more languages permits our brain to work effectively by rapid processing of instructions collected during course of learning.

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The neurophysiological mechanics of language and speech learning are less discovered comparing to other function’s of brain.

The reason behind unexplored role of brain in accommodation of language and speech is the result of inability to test verbal mechanism on animals.

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The Researchers from Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Russia collaborated with researchers from the University of Helsinki in Finland to carry out an experiment to measure electrical activity of brain with the help of electroencephalography (EEG).

This experiment conducted on 10 men and 12 women, with an average age of 24. In this research electrode were placed on the head of subjects and then recordings in both familiar and unfamiliar languages were played.

The changes in the activity of brain were noticed when known words strikes subject’s ears. The focus of researchers was to track the speed of mind in respond to unfamiliar words.

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After conducting investigation, researcher compared neurophysiological data of subject’s with their linguistic background that included number of language known by them, stage at which they learned new language etc.

The research suggests that probably the ability of brain to process data quickly depends on one’s “linguistic anamneses”. The experiment concluded that participants who knew some foreign languages, their brains had a higher electrical ability.

One of the researchers, Yuriy Shtyrov stated that the more language is known by someone, faster the neurons network will encode information and rapidly it will frame new words. The study conducted determines physiology of brain, as much knowledge is load in mind the more will it boost up.

The researchers anticipated that functions of brain in learning language can play a significant role in diagnosing speech flaws that usually occurs after accident, strokes and other related condition and along with it they can find means to treat them as well. The finding was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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(Note:- Inputs by Ila Kazmi)