Light up your home, this Ganesh Chaturthi with new style

Photo related to lord Ganesh wall paper.

Lucknow: Ganesh Chaturthi is round the corner and people are excited with their enthusiasm can be seen by their efforts to find different ways to bright up and light up their homes, so that it can be more appealing and attractive. People are trying different stuffs to decorate their home.

Here, are some suggestions to make your home quite attractive and beautiful in this festive season.

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1- Glitter that glamourise-Adding some sparkles to your ordinary walls can brighten up their look.

To energies your home you can use some glitter finish paints on your wall, this could be quite effective way to make your wall speak up attractively engaging attention of other’s.

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Adding up slight shine on analogous color hints a fragile look yet if you add some shine on contrasting colour your home would be light up brightly.

For instance, you can use different shades of gold and silver color it will give an appealing look

Or you can use contrasting color to capture one’s attention instantly.

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You can also experiment with not only just on walls but can use glitter finish paint on balconies, windows, metallic and wooden furniture including home exteriors as well.

2- Light up your home-every festival is celebrated by lighting up your home. Most of people use different products of lights to decorate their home.

Choosing right light and decorating your home with it can pop up your celebrations. Select lights carefully, combination of beautiful colors with suitable lightning can grab any ones attention instantly.

You can use oil-filled lamp, candles and diyas to make your room or home bright. In a modern way you can use scented-candles in your puja room, on your window sills, or on tables to keep your home smelling great and looking glowing.

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3- Adapt Eco-friendly ways:- This festive season go green by adapting ways that are not harmful for our environment. Using eco-friendly products for decoration purpose and even you can choose Ganpati idol which are painted with aqua-safe paints that are bio-degradable hence, will not harm aquatic life when it is immersed.

One can choose recycled items, real plants and natural materials while decorating your home this can give an elegant view and bring beauty to your home.

4- Decorating Puja Room:- Puja room is centre for attraction of visitors who seeks for the blessing of Lord Ganesh hence, it’s important to decorate and clean it. Apart from cleaning it use flowers, decorative lighting, fragnance to keep festive fell at full zeal.

5- No Celebration without tasty treats:- Celebrations are incomplete without food and goodies, exchanging goodies and sweets with friends and family is most important part of celebrations.

Your table must be decorated elegantly and ensure it with adequate sweets as well as tasty food.

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Modaks or sweet dumplings are most essential sweet for celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Note:- Story inputs given by Ila Kazmi