Locals come down on streets in PoK protesting against the rigged elections

New Delhi: Protesting against the manipulative elections held on July 21 which saw Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) winning 32 out of the total 41 seats, the locals in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) have come down on the streets.

As per reports, protests were seen in Musaffarabad, Kotli, Chinari and Mirpur as the members of PML-N killed one of the supporters of the Muslim Conference in Muzaffarbad.

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The angry local who are holding protests said that they were not allowed to cast their votes and that the Pakistan’s ISI and others manipulated the votes which thereby saw Sharif winning in the elections. They called the elections fixed.

PoK is the region which was divided between India and Pakistan in 1948 after a war and it still is the reason to the bad relations between the two nations.

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The residents of have openly stated that they want to be part of India as they are said to be quite impressed with PM Modi style of governance. Also, chairman of the Anjuman Minhaj-e-Rasool, Moulana Syed Athar Hussain Dehlavi, who have gone to PoK had said that people living here want to be a part of India as they are quite unhappy with the growing extremism here.