Lucknow madrasa issue: 51 girls were being sexually exploited by manager, rescued by Police

The Uttar Pradesh Police raided a madrasa in Lucknow yesterday and as many as 51 girls were rescued who were allegedly being sexually exploited by the madrasa manager.

On a complaint lodged by girls held hostage at the madrasa and later by its owner Syed Mohd Jilani Ashraf, the police raided the Madrasa Khadiztul Kubra Lilbanat in Shaadatganj area and rescued 51 girls nabbing the manager Taiyyab Zia Ashrafi.

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Residents of the area claimed that a few girls, who were held hostage at the madrasa, had somehow managed to throw letters from the windows of the madrasa sharing their horrible tales and seeking help from the people and the police to rescue them.

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