Lucknow woman on honeymoon, goes missing from washroom at IGI airport Delhi

New Delhi: In a strange incident, a newly-wed woman from Lucknow went missing from washroom at Terminal 1C at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

As per reports, the couple, who had gone on their honeymoon, landed at IGI in Delhi from Bagadora and was supposed to take a connected flight back to Lucknow when the woman handed over her phone and purse to her husband saying that she was going to the washroom and would be back in a minute.

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However, she did not return after a lot of time and so her husband handed a picture of his wife to a woman asking her to check her in the washroom. When the woman returned saying that there was no one inside the washroom, resembling the one in the picture, he began looking for his wife at the airport terminal and then took help of the CISF.

The CISF also began to look for the woman but she was nowhere to be found. The CCTV footage showed a woman wearing blue saree entering washroom at 6:14 pm and three minutes later a woman wearing burqa leaving the washroom.

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Later on, the footage showed the burqa woman moving straight to the exit and then to the VIP parking area where she met a man and left the place with him. The woman’s body structure looked more like his wife but he was not 100 per cent sure.

Initial reports hint that the woman deliberately left her husband.

A police complaint is yet to be filed.

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