Lucknow Zoo to enthrall people with ‘Digital Guide’ and ‘Butterfly Garden’

As per the information given by the Lucknow zoo authorities, they are developing a “Digital Personal Guide” for visitors visiting the State Museum situated in the zoo. They further went on to say that they are also planning to make the museum a Wi-Fi enabled Zone.

The Digital Guide App will inform the users about all the places they will be visiting including all the ten galleries and objects on display.

Talking on the issue zoo official stated: “We are even planning to build a reception at the main gate of the museum, so even those who do not have android phones can access the app from the reception and get all the details”.

Mohamed Faizal, popularly known for setting up the butterfly gardens of Yamuna and Aravali Biodiversity Parks in Delhi will now be seen in similar project in Lucknow where he will design a Butterfly Park around the pond.