Malls in Lucknow deny giving any info about Rustom free show

Lucknow: The Multiplex owners in Lucknow city seem to consider district administration nothing in front of them self as the District Magistrate Raj Shankar has issued guideline to all the Cineplex’s to run special show of Rustom movie on the Independence Day, but when media contacted theses multiplex owners they ignored media queries by saying that they have no information in this regards.

Basically, the Lucknow district magistrate has given order to run special show of “Rustom” movie free of cost on Independence Day to boost patriotism among the citizens of Lucknow city.

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The movie “Rustom” which released today is running in all major multiplex in the city and the district magistrate has directed these multiplex owners to start providing tickets for this special show on the same day when the movie will hit theaters.

But when media persons contacted some of prime multiplexes in the city they denied about any such information in this regards.

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The Manager of East End Mall in the city at prime location in Gomtinagar area, even said that they will run free show on Independence Day but the movie is not decided till yet and they have no information that which movie will run for free show.

He further said that “They don’t have any permission to run Rustom for free on Independence Day as the movie is not a patriotic movie.”

The Manager further added that they will show some other movie in place of Rustom and the tickets for the movie will be available from Sunday not from today.

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When we contacted another multiplex Fun Republic Mall which is in the same location, they also said that they don’t have any information in this regards and there is no tickets available with right now.

The manager of the Fun Cinemas was not available for the comments and the person available at the ticket counter said that his manager is not available right not and we don’t have right to give his contact number to anyone.

Even there is no information was put on display about the special free show of “Rustom” movie at Fun Cinemas as their display was not in working condition, also there were no pamphlets available at the tickets counter.


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