Man dies after laying helpless on Delhi road

New Delhi: In a shocking incident in the national capital on Wednesday morning, a 40-year-old after being hit by a tempo laid on the road bleeding with no one coming to his rescue. The CCTV footage installed here shows the people just walking past him and not helping him. Also, one man is seen picking up the mobile phone and just walking away.

Identified as Matibool who was an e-rickshaw driver lay bleeding on the road in west Delhi’s Subhash Nagar for nearly two hours when the policemen took him to a nearby hospital where the doctors said that he was already dead due to excessive bleeding. He was hit was by a pole after the tempo hit him following which he collapsed on the road.

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Matibool rode an e-rickshaw in the morning and worked as a security guard in the night.

During all this time, Matibool lay helpless on the road and nobody came to his rescue.

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As of now, the police are looking for the two assailants – the tempo driver and the man who stole his Matibool’s phone.