Manipur: Militants take on alleged rapist, one killed

As per the information given by the police, a suspected rapist has been gunned down by militants after putting two bullets to the head in Manipur. The government is going through this problem in which persons accused of rape and other heinous crimes against women are been killed by the militants.

Themheng Ngashangba, Imphal West district Police Superintendent, said, “Suspected militants brought a blindfolded man on Friday night at Tera in Imphal and shot him dead. The deceased was identified as Irom Bobo, 43. There were two gunshot injuries in the head.”

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A considerable manhunt had been initiated to get hold of the accused; however, no arrests have been made. The outlawed underground organisation, United National Liberation Front, has claimed responsibility for shooting Bobo. The outfit says that he had confessed to his crime.

“He was given the exemplary punishment,” a spokesperson of the outfit said.

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