Maratha Empire takes the place of Mughals in Maharashtra textbooks

Mumbai: Mughals history is irrelevant for Class VII and IX students of schools coming under the umbrella of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education.

The modified textbooks will have Maratha empire and Shivaji, alongside Indian politics post 1960.

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State Education Board is of the view that these modifications are not done because of any political pressure but it is a comprehensive routine involving subject experts and teachers.

Earlier, the history textbooks included Mughal emperors and their contribution.

The idea behind this latest move was to revise the syllabus in order to make it more Maharashtra-centric.

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In other words, making it more relevant for students of the state board.

The revised textbook has Shivaji as the important point of medieval Indian history.

On the other side of the coin, the Class IX textbook now has events impacting Indian politics from 1960s and 2000.


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