Marriage registration is compulsory now

UP government has gave a go ahead to a proposal making registration of marriages mandatory according to the ‘UP Marriage Registration Rules, 2017’.

The proposal, submitted by the women and child development department, would ensure that registration would be a compulsory for every marriage of any community.

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Interestingly, the Government of India had drafted guidelines regarding registration of marriage already, but it had not been implemented in UP till now. Marriage registration is going to be conducted on an online basis.

Before giving a green signal to this proposal, views of important people from all religions had been taken into account.

Only one community had raised issue and argued that images are not taken at the time of ‘nikah’.

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Marriage registration with images is going to be compulsory for all.

Talking about the registration fee, within one year of marriage it would be in the vicinity of Rs 10, and it will increase to Rs 50 in the next year.


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