Massive landslide in China’s Sichuan, 141 missing

Massive landslide in China’s Sichuan

As per the information given by the rescue officials, minimum of 141 people are still missing following a massive landslide hit China’s Sichuan province.

Over 40 homes were destroyed in Maoxian county’s Xinmo village after the side of a mountain collapsed at about 6 a.m. (local time), reports Xinhua news agency. The landslide has also blocked a 2 km section of a river and burying 1,600 metres of road.

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The provincial government has launched the highest level of disaster relief response and over 300 rescue personnel are currently deployed in the site, according to Tang Limin, spokesperson of Sichuan provincial government.

Images broadcast on state-run television network, CCTV, show several soldiers lifting heavy rocks and several excavators working in the area where the village was, presumably buried.

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