Measures to deal with lasting pain of chickungunya

Photo of mosquito that cauese Chickungunya

New Delhi: Mosquito borne viral disease Chikungunya is on a hectic high as number of people affected with this fatal disease is increasing day by day.

There is no cure for this viral disease and it can cause long lasting severe joint pains. People who are affected with this infectious viral disease crave to its painful after affects.

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The disease cause severe joint pain, nausea, headache, fatigue and rash. In few cases this pain may last for months or even for years.

Here is the answer of question asked deliberately as what can be done to get relieve from the pain?

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To get relieve from the pain which causes after Chikungunya you can adapt several method mentioned below:

• Keep yourself Hydrated:- Drinking water is most essential way to keep your body healthy and energetic. In Chikungunya your body gets dehydrated, as your joints go through severe ache which make this viral disease more worsen. To avoid such severe body ache one must drink 2.5 to 4 liters water per day.

• One must undergo for VitaminD test- As VitaminD is necessary for bones and its deficiency can affects your bone. Getting your VitaminD tested is advised by doctors as if any deficiency is found then necessary measures can be taken to maintain normalcy in the level of VitaminD.

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• Adapting yoga relives from pain- A lot of people going through unbearable pain in Chikungunya get immotile in fear of increasing their pain. So it is advised to them to adapt a daily routine to do basic yoga as this will relieve muscles.

• Start Walking- To get relief in joint and muscles pain during chikungunya one must walk daily for at least 20 minutes as it’s beneficial in treating this viral disease.

• Cautions must be taken before having pills- People consume paracetamol and crocin , many doctor feels that it bring more harm. Eating pills without prescription or without consulting doctor may have adverse effects. So,one must be very careful before consuming painkillers and must take advise from specialists.

Story By- Ila Kazmi

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