Meet PM Modi by answering just 20 questions

New Delhi: Meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on the wishlist of many however, making it possible might be very difficult as the leader is quite busy with his work schedule. Well, there is some good news for all those wanting to meet PM Modi as the central government is coming up with a contest that would give the citizens of the country an opportunity to meet him.

As per reports, the Centre is organizing a contest as per which the participants will have to answer 20 questions which are related to the various initiatives that have been taken by the BJP-led NDA within 5 minutes, following which they might get a chance to meet PM Modi and also receive a certificate signed by him in person.

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The quiz has been put up on the portal and it will help analyze how well the people know about the government’s initiatives. The questions will not be same for all the participants as they have been picked up randomly from the question bank.

The participant has to click on one of the four options on the scheme. A scorecard is displayed to tell how much one has scored. Also, the winner will be decided upon the most number of correct answers and in case there are multiple participants who have given the same number of correct answers, then the one who took the least amount of time to answer them will be declared as a winner.

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