Men transporting buffaloes attacked in Delhi by violent mob

Six men in Delhi were thrashed by violent mob while transporting 80 buffaloes in mini trucks to a slaughter house in east Delhi. Mob released all the buffaloes and the people carrying buffaloes were blocked by a group of unidentified men.

Before the arrival of police the mob flew away, then the police admitted those six men to a nearby hospital where they got treatment. Five of them have been released after treatment but one 40 year old Ali Jan is still struggling with his injuries.

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Police registered FIR against a group of unidentified men but till now no arrests have been made so far. Victims said they had all the legal documents for transporting the buffaloes.

Mob lynching has taken a rise in the recent past. Last week, a man in Jharkhand was beaten black and blue by a mob who accused him of carrying beef in his car. The man later died and his car was set on fire. A similar incident was reported in Haryana where a 16 year old, Junaid Khan was killed by a group of men while he was boarding on train.

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A silent protest “Not In My Name” was carried out across the nation to protest against mob lynching and cow vigilantism.

By-Ayush Tiwari

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