Hindu girls being forced to convert to Islam, marry Muslims in Pak

Islamabad: Alleging forced conversions in Pakistan by a Muslim cleric and politician and murder of a Hindu boy and a doctor, Mian Abdul Haq, hundreds of activists came together at Lahore’s Faisal Square in Karachi and Islamabad protesting against the same. Apart from these cities in Pakistan, similar protests against Haq were witnessed in Toronto, New York and Houston.

As per reports, the Hindu families are constantly living in fear as many teenage girls from these families have been forced to marry Muslim men and along with this embrace Islam. These acts have been condemned by several human rights activist and Hindu groups in Pakistan.

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Activist Kapil Dev, who with the help of the social tried to highlight the issue,. He wrote, “He’s a symbol of forced conversions … and Hindus from that area, they cannot even dare to utter a single word against him.”

The Muslim Cleric hails from Sindh which is home to most Hindu families. Hindu community here has alleged that he provides help to those who abduct Hindu girls and then forcefully gets them converted to Muslim and later gets them married to their abductors.

Mithu faced trial on a case some years back when the family of a Hindu girl named Rinkle Kumari filed a petition alleging that he assisted in her abduction.

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