Military strikes conducted by US against two Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan

Kabul: As per the information given by the US Department of Defence, military strikes have been conducted against two senior Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan, the results of which are still being assessed.

The bombings targeting Faruq al-Qatani and Bilal al-Utabi took place on Sunday on Al Qaeda’s command-and-control locations in Kunar province, 230 kilometers east of Kabul, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

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According to the Pentagon, al-Qatani served as Al Qaeda’s emit in the northeastern region of Afghanistan and was assigned to “re-establish Al Qaeda safe havens” in the country. The other senior figure, al-Utabi, worked with al-Qatani to regain control of the area as well as recruiting and training foreign fighters.

“Their demise would represent a significant blow to the terrorist group’s presence in Afghanistan, which remains committed to facilitating attacks against the United States, our allies, and partners,” the Pentagon said in a statement. “We are still assessing the results of the strikes,” it added.

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