Millions watched ICC Women’s T20

The International Cricket Council governing boby (ICC) in London on Friday has reveled that Women’s World T20 have been watched by millions of Indians, where as the men’s tournament of the same edition were going on parallely.

The ICC stated that the Women’s World T20 in 2016 was viewed by near about 24.5 million viewers in India itself only with an average audiance of 100,000 in United States.

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“The committee received a report from Clare Connor, the Chair of the ICC Women’s Committee, on the impact of the recent ICC Women’s World Twenty20 in India, which showed the women’s event received greater exposure than ever before and attracted 24.5 million TV viewers in India alone, as well as generating an average audience of 100,000 in the USA on Willow TV,” stated an ICC release.

The West Indies women team won the 2016 year Women’s World T20 tournament.

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“We have had positive and constructive discussions across a wide range of different issues and I would like to thank all the members for their valuable contributions and input. The chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee Anil Kumble said.

“The main thing that came out of the meeting was regarding Test cricket. The new structure was discussed and everybody was positive and forthcoming in supporting that. The committee acknowledged the importance of efforts being made to promote and grow Test cricket, be it through the introduction of meaningful competition structures, better pitches and marketing.

“Our recommendations will now be taken forward to the next ICC Chief Executives’ Committee and the ICC Board meeting in Edinburgh in July.

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