Minor twins die after falling into washing machine

Photo of Delhi's Rohini area where both the deceased twins lived.

New Delhi: According to the information given by the police officials, in a horrific incident where 3-year-old twins died after falling into a washing machine in their house at Avantika housing complex, Rohini while their parents were away from the house yesterday.

The boys were found lying with their heads down in the tumbler of the machine. According to the investigation that was made indicated it was an accident but the police officials are looking at all angles.

The doctors confirmed the death by drowning and the bodies have been sent to a government hospital for postmortem. The incident was reported around 12.40 pm when their mother Rakhi left both the boys playing near the bathroom and went to a nearby grocery shop to buy washing powder.

When she returned back within 6 minutes she could not find both the boys, after having searched for them in the house and in the neighborhood she called up her husband Ravinder who works as a manager with a private insurance company in Rohini. They have another child, Aditya, 10, who was in school. Ravinder came home within 10 minutes and joined the search for the children.

While the police officers asked one of their neighbors named Jaya about the incident, she went on to say that: . “The couple returned home around 1.10pm and checked the washing machine. To their horror, they found the children lying head down in the water.”

The parents pulled them out and rushed to a nearby private hospital where the doctors declared them dead. Ravinders then took them to Jaipur Golden Hospital in Rohini where doctors confirmed death due to drowning.

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