Modi joins 30,000 people on International Yoga Day

Chandigarh: Thousands of people have been joined by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi who leads near about 30,000 thousands of gatherings on Tuesday early morning on the second International Yoga celebrations.

The Prime Minister, who arrived at the Capital Complex with tight security around him; was dressed in a white t-shirt and trouser along with white scarf on his shoulders.

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Modi, arrived here last night, participated in a mass demonstration has urged people to treat diseases like diabetes through the ancient spiritual control.

Near about 30,000 people of all ages from about 10,000 each from Chandigarh and from nearby states like Punjab and Haryana performed Yoga ‘asanan during the event on red and blue coloured mats.

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Separately, near about 10,000 people joined the same event from different localities in Chandigarh itself.

Before the starting of this Yoga ‘asana’ event, Modi addressed this huge gathering by saying “I want to request trainers who are associated with yoga, from this public platform. From next year when we celebrate yoga day, in this one year, you continue to do what you do for yoga but focus on one subject and this is my subject-diabetes-Diabetes and yoga.”

“All people belonging to the yoga field, whatever knowledge they have, they must continue with the rest of their yoga activities but this (diabetes) must be the main focus,” he further added.

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The PM said that he is concerned over rising number of cases of patient suffering from Diabetes.