Modi praises Sardar Patel for redrawing the Indian map after independence

Prime Minster, Narendra Modi
Photo of Prime Minster Narendra Modi.

Surat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stated that the efforts of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel should be lauded for redrawing the Indian map after independence “to give us what it (country) is today”.

“If we live in India with pride and our heads held high, it is because of him,” Modi said after inaugurating a diamond manufacturing unit in Surat.

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The Prime Minister, who arrived here on Sunday evening, also saluted former Prime Minister Morarji Desai for strengthening the country’s economy.

Desai, Modi said, would rejoice to see how the Indian economy was faring now.

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“Years ago, this region gave us Morarji Desai, who focused his energies in strengthening the Indian economy. His soul must be celebrating today at the state of the economy,” Modi said.