Modi takes dig at Indira Gandhi: Nationalized banks but didn’t help poor open accounts

New Delhi: Taking a dig at former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stated that she nationalized banks for all but did not help poor people in opening bank accounts and she also claimed that it would improve the condition of the poor but did not do anything to see whether the poor people had access to banking facilities.

Addressing a rally organized by the local BJP leaders in Somnath, Modi kept on repeating that the Congress Party has done nothing for the development of the country and criticized Indira Gandhi for not helping poor to open accounts in the bank.

Modi went on to say: “They erect poles in one village, unload cable at another and talk of installing a transformer in the third. Can electricity ever reach by such efforts? Elections come and go. But we have adopted a comprehensive approach to development and we insist on completing work in one go.”

Talking about the Congress Party talking about the poor but did not do much to improve their condition, PM Modi accused Indira Gandhi and further went on to say: “Indiraben nationalised banks saying they were meant for the poor. But did you see any poor on the doorsteps of any bank? In fact, we forced banks to open accounts for the poor under Jan Dhan scheme. The poor used to wonder when the rich would swipe plastic card and make payment. But now the poor also have cards. RuPay cards have been issued to 21 crore people.”