More than 7.5 lakh pilgrims visit Hindu shrine of Badrinath

As per the information given by the official, more than 7.5 lakh pilgrims from all over the world have visited the Hindu shrine of Badrinath in Uttarakhand this year.

The number declined after the 2013 disaster and the last time such a large footfall was achieved was in 2010, three years before disaster struck the annual Chaar Dhaam pilgrimage when flash floods left thousands dead and hundreds missing.

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In 2013, 9.25 lakh pilgrims visited the shrine. According to officials of the Temple Trust, between May 6, when the shrine opened after the long winter break, till September 10, Badrinath has received Rs 11.50 crore in donations and other offerings.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, B.D. Singh expressed confidence that this number would further rise till the Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu closes for the winter break.

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