Mother throws down her minor son from the stairs over property dispute

Photo of a mother throwing off her son from the stairs over family dispute.

New Delhi: In a shocking incident earlier this week, a woman was captured in the cameras throwing her two-year-old son off the stairs, the grandmother of the child disclosed that it was fight for property that led to the violence of her daughter-in-law.

The grandmother also revealed that the mother would often threaten to kill her son and would regularly fight over property. Mamlesh Gupta, who is the grandmother of the toddler, went on to say that: “I have only one son. On 9th July he would complete his five years of marriage. It was a love marriage, but trouble began to surface within a week of their marriage.”

Continuing further she said that there had never been peace in the house as the regular quarrel took place in the family. She further went on to say that: “I was always trying to explain her, but my appeal was falling on deaf years. She wanted the property to be named to her. She would beat me too. Whenever she’d pick a fight I would tell her, I have just one son, everything is yours and after me it is all going to you. Her father-in-law would also convince her of the same. But she wouldn’t stop screaming.”

On 24th January the complaint was lodged in the police station and the officer reached the spot for further investigation and looked into the matter. They also examined the CCTV footage which clearly showed the mother throwing off her child from the stairs. Considering this the police officer took strict actions against the mother, Sonu Gupta.

Fortunately, the child was immediately taken to the hospital for medical tests and is said to be fine with some minor injuries on the face.

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