Mulayam Singh to declare something big today?

According to sources, there might be a new turn in Mulayam Singh’s family as he will declare something big today at a press conference in Lucknow. Mulayam’s brother and SP MLA Shivpal Singh Yadav and Lok Dal president Sunil Singh too are expected to attend the conference.

Since Sunil Singh too has been invited, speculation is rife that Mulayam might announce a new party or take over the Lok Dal. “There is certainly something drastic coming up,” said a Lohia Trust member. The trust is an affiliate of the SP and Mulayam is its chairperson.

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Sunil Singh, who had been insisting that Mulayam should take over the Lok Dal, also said on Sunday: “Netaji’s party will be the real Samajwadi Party.”

The power struggle within the SP, has split the Yadav family with the patriarch Mulayam siding with his brother Shivpal much to the chagrin of his son Akhilesh.

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The feud came into the fore in August last year. On January 1 this year, an emergency session of the party announced Akhilesh Yadav as the national president replacing Mulayam